What is Thinking Out of the Box Workshop?

Students who secure a top-20 overall rank in each of class 5th to 10th and 11th in MTSE will be called for a special one week residential “Thinking Out of the Box” Workshop in April, 2020 in Sikar. This workshop will be conducted by Matrix’s best mentors having degrees from top IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) and top foreign universities. The workshop has the potential to convert already bright students into outstanding performers at national and international level.

The invited students will be reimbursed bus/train tickets as well as one week at specified hotel/hostel in Sikar. This workshop doesn’t only give you a chance to learn from the thinking skills at the highest level, it will also help these students interact with likeminded students with excellent performance.

Below are the some snapshots from our Previous "Thinking Out of the Box" workshop